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Top 25 Wishlisted WoTLK Items

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  1. Defender's Code 2.0k Naxx N25
  2. Ablative Chitin Girdle 2.0k Naxx N25
  3. Bindings of the Hapless Prey 1.5k Naxx N25
  4. Inexorable Sabatons 1.2k Naxx N25
  5. Last Laugh 1.1k Naxx N25
  6. Grim Toll 1.0k Naxx N25
  7. Sand-Worn Band 1.0k Naxx N25
  8. Wall of Terror 1.0k Naxx N25
  9. Legplates of Sovereignty 986 EoE N25
  10. Heart of Iron 933 Uld N25
  11. Mimiron's Inferno Couplings 886 Uld N25
  12. Gatekeeper 850 Naxx N25
  13. Fate's Clutch 828 Uld N25
  14. Sorthalis, Hammer of the Watchers 814 Uld N25
  15. Titanskin Cloak 804 Uld N25
  16. Pauldrons of Unnatural Death 802 Naxx N25
  17. Dragonslayer's Brace 798 Uld N25
  18. Signet of the Earthshaker 797 Uld N25
  19. Veranus' Bane 795 Uld N25
  20. Bulwark of Algalon 792 Uld N25
  21. Bronze Pendant of the Vanir 781 Uld N25
  22. Boundless Ambition 772 Naxx N25
  23. Handguards of Revitalization 734 Uld N25
  24. Dragonstorm Breastplate 622 OS N25
  25. Legplates of the Endless Void 616 Uld N25
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