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Hello! My name is Lemmings19 and I am the author of this That's My BIS. I've spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours building, maintaining, and supporting TMB and its community.

If you want to reach out to me directly, email is best ( Sometimes I am on the That's My BIS Discord. My username is Lemmings19#1149.

None of this would be here without the generous donors listed below, and the kind folks who have helped contribute their time. <3 <3 <3

May you get all of your BIS!
- Lemmings19

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Gargul Addon

Gargul is an addon developed with love, and independently of TMB. Its author is Zhorax#1454.

TMB Tooltips Addon

TMB Tooltips is an addon developed with love, and independently of TMB. Its author is Strix#1000.


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  • If I missed you, email me!
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