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Top 25 Wishlisted WoTLK Items

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  1. Dying Curse 21.2k Naxx N25
  2. Starshard Edge 6.9k Uld N25
  3. The Turning Tide 5.8k Naxx N25
  4. Signet of Manifested Pain 5.8k Naxx N25
  5. Pennant Cloak 5.8k OS N25
  6. Unsullied Cuffs 5.6k OS N25
  7. Leash of Heedless Magic 5.0k EoE N25
  8. Surplus Limb 4.8k Naxx N25
  9. Arcanic Tramplers 4.7k EoE N25
  10. Scale of Fates 4.5k Uld N25
  11. Flare of the Heavens 4.1k Uld N25
  12. Conductive Seal 4.0k Uld N25
  13. Grasps of Reason 4.0k Uld N25
  14. Pharos Gloves 3.9k Uld N25
  15. Starwatcher's Binding 3.8k Uld N25
  16. Gemmed Wand of the Nerubians 3.5k Naxx N25
  17. Wyrmrest Necklace of Power 3.3k
  18. Cosmos 3.3k Uld N25
  19. Embrace of the Spider 3.2k Naxx N10
  20. Leggings of the Enslaved Idol 3.1k Uld N25
  21. Cincture of Polarity 3.0k Naxx N25
  22. Boots of Fiery Resolution 3.0k Uld N25
  23. Crown of Luminescence 2.8k Uld N25
  24. Conqueror's Kirin Tor Shoulderpads 2.7k
  25. Nebula Band 2.7k Uld N10
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