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Top 25 Wishlisted WoTLK Items

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  1. Seized Beauty 4.1k Naxx N25
  2. Forethought Talisman 3.1k Naxx N25
  3. Urn of Lost Memories 1.6k Naxx N25
  4. Sash of Solitude 1.2k Naxx N25
  5. Torch of Holy Fire 1.1k Naxx N25
  6. Boots of Persuasion 1.0k Naxx N25
  7. Leggings of Mortal Arrogance 1.0k Naxx N25
  8. Chains of Adoration 1.0k Naxx N25
  9. Blanketing Robes of Snow 924 EoE N25
  10. Shroud of Luminosity 916 Naxx N25
  11. Unsullied Cuffs 875 OS N25
  12. Illustration of the Dragon Soul 842 OS N25
  13. Fading Glow 808 Naxx N25
  14. Hood of Rationality 783 EoE N25
  15. Matriarch's Spawn 704 Naxx N25
  16. Signet of Manifested Pain 683 Naxx N25
  17. Pennant Cloak 646 OS N25
  18. Leash of Heedless Magic 644 EoE N25
  19. Valorous Gloves of Faith 604 Arch N25
  20. Valorous Shoulderpads of Faith 593
  21. Lost Jewel 560 Naxx N25
  22. Serene Echoes 532 Naxx N25
  23. Life-Binder's Locket 498
  24. Mantle of the Lost Conqueror 482 Naxx N25
  25. Wyrmrest Band 388 OS N25
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