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Top 25 Wishlisted WoTLK Items

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Death Knight




  1. Ruthlessness 19.4k Naxx N25
  2. Bracers of Unrelenting Attack 8.7k Naxx N25
  3. Riveted Abomination Leggings 6.3k Naxx N25
  4. Strong-Handed Ring 5.3k Naxx N25
  5. Last Laugh 5.1k Naxx N25
  6. Drape of the Deadly Foe 4.8k Naxx N25
  7. Obsidian Greathelm 4.6k OS N25
  8. Girdle of Chivalry 4.4k Naxx N25
  9. Grim Toll 4.4k Naxx N25
  10. Sabatons of Sudden Reprisal 3.4k Naxx N25
  11. Angry Dread 3.1k Naxx N25
  12. Zeliek's Gauntlets 3.1k Naxx N25
  13. Circle of Death 2.4k Naxx N10
  14. Fool's Trial 2.4k Naxx N25
  15. Breastplate of the Lost Vanquisher 2.3k Naxx N25
  16. Favor of the Dragon Queen 2.2k
  17. Valorous Scourgeborne Battleplate 2.2k Arch N25
  18. Valorous Scourgeborne Shoulderplates 1.9k
  19. Hailstorm 1.8k EoE N10
  20. Aged Winter Cloak 1.7k Naxx N25
  21. Betrayer of Humanity 1.5k Naxx N25
  22. Mantle of the Lost Vanquisher 1.5k Naxx N25
  23. Melancholy Sabatons 1.4k EoE N25
  24. Sigil of Awareness 1.1k Naxx N25
  25. Fury of the Five Flights 1.1k OS N25
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