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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are the public loot tables?
  2. Why can't I see my guild?
  3. How do I loot council?
  4. What does this website do?
  5. How do I get started?
  6. Do I need to use Discord?
  7. What information do you collect?
  8. Where'd you get your name?
  9. Can you add feature XYZ?
  10. I'd like to help out

Where are the public loot tables?


Why can't I see my guild?

If you're already logged in, double check that the username and last four characters at the top of the homepage match your username and last four characters in your Discord client. It's pretty common for people to accidentally be logged into a different Discord account in their browser and not even know it!

If the username and/or last four characters on the homepage don't match your account in your Discord client, visit Discord's website and log out. Log back in to Discord, and make sure it gives you the right account. Log out of That's My BIS and back in, and you should be all set!

Still not working? Ask for help on my Discord.

How do I loot council?

I'm glad you asked. This is the most comprehensive guide I could find: How To Loot Council

What does this website do?

I aim to give loot councils an easy way to fairly distribute loot by providing them with the necessary information for them to make their decisions. At a glance, you can see which members are going for which items, what loot they've received in the past, any notes they may have, and all packaged in a clean and easy to read interface.

For raiders, you can clearly and easily communicate to loot council and fellow raiders what loot you're going for, making it much harder to be accidentally overlooked. You can even use my system to identify loot that the rest of your raid may have overlooked, giving you an edge in snagging some extra gear!

If you have any questions or would like to help out, please reach out to me on my Discord.

How do I get started?

Start by registering your guild's Discord server, which requires you have Administrator permissions on your Discord server. Fill out the basic guild settings in the admin section once registered.

Once you've done this preparation, you can then share the link to your guild's page with your guild members who are on your guild Discord server. Provided they have one of the allowed roles (if specified any in your guild settings), they will be able to join your guild's page.

Do I need to use Discord?

Yes. I designed this website to work with my old guild and other major guilds on my server. My guild and I used Discord, so I designed this website around my guild's needs.

I suggest you have a Discord server for your guild. I also suggest you create roles on your Discord server which you then assign to your guild members (roles such as 'Guild Master', 'Officer', 'Class Leader', 'Raider', 'Member'). These roles can then be imported onto this website and be used to define who has access to what (ie. a Raid Leader can assign loot to a raider, but a standard Member cannot).

What information do you collect?

TL;DR Your Discord username, ID, avatar ID, and roles for any servers you register/join. Since this project is open source, you can review the data I collect right here and here.

Your username and ID are so I can verify it's you when you're logging in. Roles are so I can give you the proper permissions in your guild if you're a raider, raid leader, officer, or guild master.

Of the available Discord OAuth2 Scopes (info you allow Discord to share with me when you register or sign in), I'm only using 'identify' and 'guilds'. Guilds scope data isn't stored anywhere; it's only used to (a) identify which guilds are registered on the system that you belong to, and (b) provide a dropdown of available servers when a guild master is registering a guild.

I'm also using Google Analytics to keep track of how the site is doing. Firefox has built-in features to block Google Analytics, which should be enabled by default. (however, I somehow doubt Google Chrome does the same...)

Where'd you get your name?

It's an ongoing meme (and reality) that many players and classes in World of Warcraft Classic will attempt to claim pretty much every item as their Best in Slot ("That's my BIS"). I thought it sounded like an appropriate name for this website, as I've literally designed it to help raiders tell their loot council "Hey, that's my BIS, give it here."

Someone even made a tasteful little song about this meme.

Can you add feature XYZ?

Maybe. Let me know on my Discord what you'd like to see, and I'll see if I can add it. Almost all features added post-launch have come from user requests.

I'd like to help out

Reach out to me on my Discord and I'll see if we can work together. Or, jump straight into the source code.

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